What exactly is an MDF?…….and what’s this weird name Jumpering all about?

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Mdf frame

Mdf frame

An MDF (or Main Distribution Frame) is the connection point or box that all incoming phone and internet lines from the street connect to, this is the point where your telephone, internet line and or number they have been allocated are connected.

The other side of the MDF is generally called the B side, but there could be many more verticals named either with letters, numbers, or a combination of both, it’s just a way to instruct others where all wiring from the individual homes, apartment or office in the unit/ building complex are connected to.

After your service provider has connected to the “A side” of the MDF they will usually tag the line to identify it for the technician who will connect it to your line on the “B side” of the MDF.

This process is called jumpering.
A jumper wire is run between the service providers “A side” connection point that brings your number into the building and the “B side” that is connected to your unit.

That’s where Melbourne’s mdf jumpering specialist come onto the scene, we are licensed and authorised to access these rooms and cupboards, we take the tagged line right to your socket where your telephone, ADSL or broadband NBN connection will be installed.
Mdfjumpers.com.au will then test your connection with the latest test equipment and tell you what speed your service will be able to carry, which generally named as upload and download. These two figures tell you how fast your internet can travel either to your computer (download) or from your computer (upload) to the cloud or other users.

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Scott Julian in the last week- I called Shaun at 10am, by 11:30am he was at our new office and spent over 2 hours finding the adsl line our isp hadn’t bothered to tag correctly.
other purple comments on our google pages

other purple comments on our google pages

Scott JulianRenterprivate houseMelbourne
I have to say, the service from mdfjumpers.com.au was fantastic, they took their time to get the job done correctly and they even came out THE SAME DAY over Christmas…. thank you so much for helping with our ADSL connection… Rhonda

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