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Phone: 0488 77 00 22

Registered Phone Technician,  Austel Approved installer with insurance and license

A to B MDF Jumpering
Registered Phone Technician, Specialist of MDF Jumpering for TPG, Internode, iiNet, Optus, Dodo, Beyond etc.
Melbourne metro area specialist in MDF jumpering (A to B Jumpering) from MDF to your unit line , phone connection, internet, ADSL services, we can access to any MDF including ABLOY key and fix your phone line and get your internet quickly by jumping your line in the MDF Room Vertical A to B (Main Distribution Frame – MDF Jumpering).

When the service is tagged by your carrier, either NBN, TPG, iiNET, Internode, DoDo, iPrimus, Beyond, Optus, Telstra, Exetel, iPrimus, or any service provider,  we can connect rest.

Price: start from $59

Phone or test : 0488 77 00 22
Visit our page www.mdfjumpers for your home or office


Other Service:

  • Installation of additional phone points
  • Phone line repairs or Noise Phone Lines
  • ADSL Connection issues and faults
  • Central filter installation
  • Home extension for ADSL connection
  • Patchable cabling solutions
  • Repair or replacement of faulty telephone cabling
  • Office network installation
  • New data points, modem outlets and sockets
  •  Licensed Cabler & Registered Phone Technician;
  •  MDF Jumpering, Troubleshooting of Internal cabling issue and wiring 
  •  Broadband internet phone or Naked ADSL connection for residential and commercial 
  •  Private technician for slow speed testing and improving 

Contact us and have your internet tonight !!!

Website: www.mdfjumpers for your home

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Our Testimonilas

Scott Julian in the last week- I called Shaun at 10am, by 11:30am he was at our new office and spent over 2 hours finding the adsl line our isp hadn’t bothered to tag correctly.
other purple comments on our google pages

other purple comments on our google pages

Scott JulianRenterprivate houseMelbourne
I have to say, the service from was fantastic, they took their time to get the job done correctly and they even came out THE SAME DAY over Christmas…. thank you so much for helping with our ADSL connection… Rhonda

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