Commercial Services

In Desk power and data box

In Desk power and data box

Possible connections within the unit, HMDI, CAT6, RCA, DVI

Cable directly to the desk in a board or meeting room with a inserted desk box

We service and maintain a variety of businesses; light industrial units, factories, retail shops, offices, cafes and restaurants; during operating hours, construction, renovation and fit-out, even outside usual trading hours (sometimes required for shopping centres and large office buildings). Our service agreements are for phone system savings and for traditional phone system installations.

Office Relocations

Moving location, across the hall, into another suburb or interstate, are able to help you there too..

WE can order new phone lines, have you existing lines relocated, Pre-wire the whole office

We can bundle Alarm, phone system and IP/CCTV cameras into one low price and you can pay off monthly.

We have partners in Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, are able to save you money on your telephone line rental and ongoing phone call costs with fixed price phone calls and line rentals, Traditional phone lines are only $99 per month, ISDN2 lines are $198 per month (including all calls to mobiles, interstate and locally… and YES this price includes the line rental fee !!)

Voice / Telephony

Structured Cabling – Category (CAT) 5 and 6

We only design and install CAT 5 & 6 copper infrastructure for PSTN and xDSL voice services, installation and upgrade MDF’s and IDF’s (distribution frames) and much more!

Fault Repairs for Phone and internet

We can get your faulty line back up and running fast, using the most advanced testing equipment; for EFTPOS, VoIP lines, tradition telephone lines, ISDN and back-to-base alarm services.

AVAYA, Alcatel, NEC, MyPbx, PABX Fault finding and Repairs is more then just a jumpering service, we have extensive knowledge in the telephone / VoIP system space, we carry a huge range of spare parts and have extensive knowledge with the above named systems. We can get your faulty phone system back up and running, and if your phone system is not the problem, we can test & repair your internal phone cabling and are able to test even the incoming lines from your carrier to determine where the fault is.

Hosted PBX / PABX- Business Phone Systems

We offer premium quality PBX/PABX Business Phone System solutions, ranging from small home/office 1 line 8 extension systems up to large 60+ and 200 extension users systems, every business has different requirements and we understand individual customer requests, therefore our options can grow your business, without the huge expense of buying hardware and rewiring everything like in the past. Our cloud solution phone systems utilise the latest in SIP trunking technologies to give you a cloud-based hosted PBX system which is scalable, we can include multiple home-office locations with shared phone services to corporate office locations not just anywhere in Australia, but anywhere in the world, wherever there is a good internet connection, we can get you connected to stay connected!

Central Filter / Splitter for ADSL or ADSL2+

Internet services can work over the same phone line as your alarm and/or PBX phone system, for this to be possible you will require a Central Filter to be hard-wired to your phone cabling, this will separate the ”ADSL noise“ and maximise your ADSL internet speeds.

Structured Cabling – Data Networks

Category 6 Ethernet which carry speed of 1000Mbps / 1 Gigabit

All our cabling is rates minimum CAT6 or category 6, this will “future proof” your investment for your business, connect you to the high-speed NBN (National Broadband Network) and ensure your data network can handle today’s high bandwidth requirements, Contact us for a free consultation and written quotation.


Melbourne’s MDF Jumpering Specialist and installations utilise modular systems to cover a broad range of small, medium and large business requirements, whether the client be a retail or hospitality franchise (Point-of-Sales systems), warehouse or factory (industrial machinery inter-connectivity), in a commercial office suite (workstations with printers/copiers), or at corporate headquarters (200+ workstations).

Office additions and Upgrades

Moving location or need to add a few data points for new workstations in your office? Want your cabling tidied up a bit? We can add new cabling, patch panels and sockets to your existing data network, and even upgrade your data cabinet to fit those extra components that your network has acquired recently (like routers, switches, modems, VoIP modules, etc).

Commercial Contracts and Subcontracting

Our technicians are available through commercial contracts/agreements for larger corporations, we already offer services to Internet Service Providers and Information Technology companies who have an on site support requirement for end users’ telecommunications infrastructure.

We have a team of both staff and subcontractors on the field, seven days a week,
Contact us today to find out more on how we can take care of your client’s requirements, locally on site…. on your behalf.

Reliable MDF jumpering technician providing On-Time service at your fingertips

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