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We perform MDF & IDF jumpering for apartment, unit, townhouses and commercial business.

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Get phone & ADSL connected today – performing to A to B jumpering are always installed by fully licensed and qualified ACMA approved telephone technicians, We are a small friendly business servicing Melbourne metro apartments, townhouses and multi dwelling unit blocks. We are … Continue reading

Where is an MDF – so the A to B Jumpering can be completed ?

Mains Distribution frame (MDF) room for A to B jumpering (Click link) This is a typical locatioon for a Mains Distribution frame (MDF) room – this needs to be located and accesses so that “A to B jumpers” can be put … Continue reading

ADSL Jumpering Issues

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On this page I would like to explain how issues may arise. If you’re getting your apartment, home or office renovated or extended, you might find some cables under the carpets or behind the walls. In these situations it’s a … Continue reading

Grandstream GXP2170 VoIP supplied by

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VoIP telephone systems seem to be the normal choice for business communications these days. Gone are the traditional, inexpensive, stable and reliable phone systems. Grandstream have done an excellent job in creating a handset that has many features other only … Continue reading

ADSL testing proves speed

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We performed this ADSL test yesterday and as you can see, our testing unit can show you how fast your actual connection is from the exchange AND how far away your are from the exchange. This one is running at … Continue reading