ADSL testing proves speed

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We performed this ADSL test yesterday and as you can see, our testing unit can show you how fast your actual connection is from the exchange AND how far away your are from the exchange. This one is running at 93.7% of capacity, meaning no matter what you do in your home, you can never get more that the MAX rate shown !

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testing your internet is easy and can show you how fast your internet can travel.

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Scott Julian in the last week- I called Shaun at 10am, by 11:30am he was at our new office and spent over 2 hours finding the adsl line our isp hadn’t bothered to tag correctly.
other purple comments on our google pages

other purple comments on our google pages

Scott JulianRenterprivate houseMelbourne
I have to say, the service from was fantastic, they took their time to get the job done correctly and they even came out THE SAME DAY over Christmas…. thank you so much for helping with our ADSL connection… Rhonda

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