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A different type of MDF

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MDF Jumpering / MDF to Unit Connection /A to B Connection You will require to have this set up done when your ISP (internet service provider) connects their service from the exchange via a street cable to MDF. This part … Continue reading

Connect Internet tonight?! (0488 77 00 22) -MDF Jumper tech

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Phone: 0488 77 00 22 Registered Phone Technician,  Austel Approved installer with insurance and license A to B MDF Jumpering Registered Phone Technician, Specialist of MDF Jumpering for TPG, Internode, iiNet, Optus, Dodo, Beyond etc. Melbourne metro area specialist in MDF jumpering (A … Continue reading

MDF Jumpering – new website now active

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Testing our site for interlinking, hoefully this will save time and create new business

What exactly is an MDF?…….and what’s this weird name Jumpering all about?

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An MDF (or Main Distribution Frame) is the connection point or box that all incoming phone and internet lines from the street connect to, this is the point where your telephone, internet line and or number they have been allocated … Continue reading

MDF A to B Jumpering

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Typical basement location for telephone and data line connections in apartments or high-rise bulidings.