MDF jumpering is a connection between a carrier network (Telstra, Optus, AAPT etc) and your telephone equipment (phone system, ADSL, phone plug etc). Your phone/ADSL service provider mainly uses NBN or Telstra’s infrastructure and their technicians will generally connect your line to the MDF, from there It is your responsibility to complete the installation to device or phone jack in your home, apartment or office.

If your service provider is one of the following then you may require MDF jumpering:

TPG, DoDo, Internode, iiNet, Optus, Belong, SpinTel, iPrimus, Exetel, Engin, Telstra

Ok, now… I ready for MDF Jumpering?

1) Your service provider must organise an installation with Telstra or NBN provide

2) Their technician installs your service to the MDF.

3) Their technician calls your service provider to test your line and provides vertical details, He leaves a tag with your unit number at the MDF.

4) Your service provider confirms that your service is activated. They sometimes provide you with the vertical details to give to your MDF technician – “US”.

5) If you live in a secure apartment complex or reside in an office block, please speak to management to confirm the MDF is accessible, you may have to make arrangements for a time and date with them prior to our arrival

6) You are now ready for MDF jumpering !!!!

Our Technicians

Our technicians are BICSI/Telstra registered cablers. We have legal access to all MDF locations, can obtain cable information and have the ability to repair and fault find ADSL and xDSL service faults

Our Guarantee

Our service comes with a lifetime guarantee that our actual connection will never go faulty.

Our Testimonials

I have to say, the service from was fantastic, they took their time to get the job done correctly and they even came out THE SAME DAY over Christmas…. thank you so much for helping with our ADSL connection… Rhonda
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